Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Roll credits

Here's a playblast of the credits!

Gimme some feedback today before I render and composite tonight and tomorrow... enjoy!

Crosshares Credits playblast

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


That's gotta be the longest title this blog has had.

Hopefully one of the shortest content: A few things we missed in the 2nd render pass. I've re-rendered shot 5 and 29 tonight, but there's still the following to fix:

shot29 STILL has orange rendered without smoothing. Double-ultra-mega-check this.
shot31 is missing the last few frames of the shadow pass - they may be on a computer @ uni somewhere
shot38 needs orange amb

There's several compromised shots, but with the magical power of compositing, nobody will notice. Except me. But I have a terrible memory. So I'll forget. Then the movie will be awesome. Yeah.

Done comping for tonight. Show up for sound tweaking Saturday evening, we'll have all the shots rendered before 5, and edited before 6. So there.

Rough Customer

The dead rabbit's lookin' damn good! My only thought is to just dirty him up a little more. Like this...ish:

Other than that tiny thing, I think it's looking freakin' awesome! Nice!

The bunny is dead, with a little more dead.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The first rough comps are done!
But there's nothing to show because:

I haven't added the skies yet, so it's pretty useless rendering them out at this stage...

...and b)
shot01 needs shadow pass from 153-250 & rain
shot02 needs rain
shot03 needs fixed bg amb from 85-105
shot03 needs legs frames 109 & 152 re-rendered
shot03 also needs rain
shot04 shadow pass needs legs added for 20 frames
shot04 needs rain
shot05 rendered with wrong camera - rerender
shot05 needs rain
shot06 needs rain
shot06 - check shadow calculations
shot08 blue beauty missing frame 16
shot08 blue needs to be smoothed
shot10 ambient pass has barbed wire
shot10 blue needs to be smoothed
shot14 missing most passes
shot19 amb has barbed wire
shot20 may have lower smoothing on blue - check
shot22 has light in character amb
shot23 has incorrect shadow pass
shot23 orange needs smoothing
shot25 gun is not separate to character layers
shot26 has no zdepth
shot27 also missing depth
shot29 has incorrect shadow pass & no zdepth
shot29 orange needs to be smoothed
shot30 has incorrect shadow pass
shot30 - can blue be smoothed more?
shot31 needs blue added to shadow & zdepth pass
shot32 has incorrect shadow pass
shot32 needs orange's hand & dead hand added to shadow & zdepth
shot33 needs more amb frames, or lose the photo…
shot38 has no shadow & zdepth pass
shot38 needs orange pass
shot38 has wrong wallet UV layout
shot38 render passes need to have uniform lengths i.e. 1-160 wallet, 1-150 bg & 1-200 shadow
shot39 amb has wrong texture
shot40 bg amb has wrong texture
shot41 rendered from wrong camera
shot42 needs new wallet texture
shot43 missing texture
shot44 bg amb has wrong texture
shot44 - try optimising orange's eyes & brow

I think that's all of it. We'll get busy with that soon, yeah?

Dead Bunny Shot Update

What you guys think so far? Like ze carrot?